TenneT completes burial of sea cables for Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore wind farm connection

By: Chloe Emanuel

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25/06/2024 TenneT

TenneT has successfully buried approximately 3.5 kilometres of its second sea cable off the coast of Velsen-Noord, paving the way for the connection of the Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore wind farm to the national electricity grid

The cable was laid eight metres deep in the beach and seabed by the BSSIII burial machine, following a successful migration under the dunes.

Project manager Robert Koens announced that the beach is expected to be cleared and safely returned by the end of July. The contractor NBOS is now connecting the end of the second cable to the remaining part at sea using a sleeve connection, with further burial operations carried out by the ships Ndurance and Ndeavor.

Koens noted the challenges posed by recent weather conditions but praised NBOS for completing the work efficiently within a favourable weather window.

The two cables will connect the wind farm to a socket being constructed 53 kilometres off the coast of Egmond aan Zee. The base for this socket has been placed, and the superstructure will be installed in spring 2025, with the connection expected to be operational next year.

This 700 MW grid connection will bring green energy onshore, meeting the annual electricity needs of approximately one million households. The cables connect to the transformer station in Wijk aan Zee, where the voltage is increased to 380 kilovolts for the high-voltage grid.

As the project nears completion, TenneT will remove sheet pile planks from the beach and ensure the area is safe and compact for public use. Final safety checks by Rijkswaterstaat and other authorities will precede the handover of the beach to the municipality of Velsen. Further onshore connections, including in the Sculpture Park, will be made in the autumn.

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