TenneT receive Petrofac help

By means of a European tendering procedure, TenneT has contracted Petrofac for the construction of the offshore transformer station Hollandse Kust (south) Alpha.

Petrofac is also the target party for TenneT's next offshore project, the platform for HKZ Beta. This concerns the third and fourth major grid connections for offshore wind energy in the Netherlands.

Petrofac will start with the engineering, construction, transport, installation, connection and testing of the offshore transformer station.

HKZ Alpha with a connection capacity of 700MW for offshore wind farms is scheduled to be ready by 2021, HKZ Beta, also 700MW, will be ready the year after.

TenneT is responsible for the offshore grid in the Netherlands and is developing a contribution to the Energy Agreement with at least 3,500MW of offshore connections in a standardised concept of 700MW per connection by 2023. The tender process for cables and platforms for the Holland Coast project (north) starts at the end of 2018.

From 2024 up to and including 2030, according to the new Roadmap for Wind at Sea, another 7,000MW of offshore wind power is expected to be built and connected to the grid.

The route length from the land station (Maasvlakte) to the HKZ Alpha transformer station at sea (the 'platform') is approximately 48km. The connection consists of two 220kV sea cables, each with a capacity of 350MW.

The delivery and installation of the land and sea cables for HKZ Alpha and optional for HKZ Beta is currently still in tender phase. The award is expected in the summer of 2018.

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