TenneT starts Dolwin6 converter construction

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Dutch-German transmission system operator TenneT has started the construction of the converter station for the DolWin6 offshore transmission system project. Over the next 6 months, 24 metre long piles will be drilled into the ground to create a stable foundation for the converter station located in Emden.

DolWin6 will convert the 155kV alternating current electricity generated by the offshore wind turbines into 320kV direct current and transmit it to Hilgenriedersiel on the mainland via a 45km subsea cable. The subsea cable will pass underneath the island of Norderney by means of horizontal bore holes. Once on land, the electricity will be transported another 45km to Emden, East Frisia, where Siemens is building another converter station for converting the direct current back into three-phase current and feeding it into the high voltage grid.

DolWin6 grid connection project, which will span around 90km in length, can connect multiple offshore wind turbines to the mainland. A number of offshore wind farms are competing for a connection to DolWin6 in an auction held by the German Gederay Network Agency. The Gode Wind 3 project has already been awarded a contract with additional offshore wind farms to follow in the next capacity auction.

As with its predecessors
DolWin3 and BorWin3, DolWin6 is a direct current connection with a transmission capacity of 900 MW. After it is completed, DolWin6 will be able to transmit enough electricity to supply just under one million German homes. Commercial commissioning is scheduled for 2023.

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