TenneT takes over BorWin3

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The BorWin3 grid connection project has been handed over to TenneT by general contractors Siemens and Petrofac. The 900 MW project will convert three-phase electric power generated by the Hohe See and Albatros offshore wind farms into direct current and transmit it 160km back to shore.

BorWin3 has been ready for transmission since August 2019. It is the third project TenneT has implemented in DC technology off the coast of Borkum and brings its total transmission capacity in the German North Sea to 7,132 MW.

The foundation stone was laid for the converter station on land in May 2016. The cables on land were laid in 2015, followed by susbea cable installation campaigns in 2017 and 2018. In September 2018, the offshore converter station which was manufactured in Dubai was transported over a 12,000 km route to the North Sea and installed there in October.

The 18,000 tonne topside was installed using a "float-over-process". This meant that during installation the platform was pulled over the jacket foundation and was positioned precisely. It was then ballasted using water to lower the structure onto the foundation.

In total, the grid connection bridges a distance of 160 kilometres, whereby the wind power is first transported over a 130 kilometre-long submarine cable to the west of Borkum to Hamswehrum and, from there, over a 30 kilometre long underground cable to Emden/East.

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