TenneT urges more German-Dutch connections

TenneT is calling for future German North Sea wind farms to be linked to the Dutch electricity grid.

The necessary legal certainty could be achieved through a German-Dutch State Treaty, which stipulates that German wind farms will continue to be subject to German regulation and offshore liability regulations. 

"We see significant potential for optimising the use of existing transmission capacity," said TenneT CEO Lex Hartman. "Approximately 660 megawatts of grid connection capacity will be idle in the foreseeable future in the North Sea. These free resources could be allocated to offshore wind farms via an additional tender procedure." says Hartman.

In the Netherlands, TenneT is already planning to connect to the UK by connecting the future
Ijmuiden Ver and East Anglia wind farms with a short cable, creating an interconnector between the two countries.      

In the German North Sea, TenneT currently has ten offshore grid connection systems with a total of 5,332MW of capacity for transmitting wind energy from sea to land. It already meets more than 82% of the Federal Government's expansion target, which envisages offshore wind capacity of 6,500MW by 2020. 

By the end of 2023, TenneT will successively complete three additional connectivity systems, which will provide 8,032MW of transmission capacity in the North Sea. 

The North Sea wind harvest amounted to 8.17TWh in the first half of 2018 and again confirmed its strong share of total wind power generation in Germany, which reached about 54TWh in the first half of the year at 15.1%. 

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