TEPCO launches first commercial offshore wind farm

4C Offshore | Bridget Randall-Smith
By: Bridget Randall-Smith 07/12/2018 TEPCO
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. (TEPCO), Japan's largest power company, has announced that the Choshi offshore wind turbine will enter commercial operation from 1st January 2019.

Since 2013, the 2.4MW fixed-bottom demonstration turbine, located 3.1km south of Choshi, Chiba Prefecture has been part of a rigorous monitoring program to assess the feasibility of offshore wind development in the area.

The demonstration provided TEPCO with valuable experience in operating and maintaining the facility in harsh weather and marine conditions, as well as ensuring equipment safety and resistance to damage from saltwater. The demonstration test results proved conclusively that TEPCO’s facility is safe and can be operated at a high capacity factor.

In 2017 TEPCO began deliberating commercialization of the wind power facility and discussing operation protocols with related parties. This has now been confirmed and the turbine will enter commercial operation from January 2019.

TEPCO’s eventual goal for domestic offshore wind power is an output of 2-3GW. TEPCO began conducting a seabed survey off the coast of Choshi in early November 2018 to examine the feasibility of developing an offshore wind farm in the area.

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