Terrestrial civil works tender released for Biscay Gulf project

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INELFE has initiated a tender for terrestrial civil works of four HVDC 400 kV Cables and two Fiber Optic Cables, for the 2 GW Biscay Gulf project.

The tender is designated for the installation of four power cables ducts, and two optic fiber cables ducts of onshore cables along the ~115 km long route, ~15 km in Spanish side and ~100 km in French side (excluding landfall works on both sides). The scope of work includes: design , engineering, procurement and construction (including trenchless solution to cross Dordogne and Garonne rivers in France and smaller sections in Spain).

Time limit for receipt of tenders/requests to participate is 14 June 2021. Invitations to tender or to participate will be dispatched around 26 October 2021.

INELFE plans to procure the
Biscay Gulf project through a series of contracts including: a contract for converter stations, 2 contracts for cable links, and 1 contract for terrestrial civil works.

Biscay Gulf project is a proposed 2 GW link between France and Spain. The HVDC project comprises ~115 km onshore and ~280 km submarine cables and is scheduled to be commissioned in 2027, with cable installation expected to start in 2025.

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