Thai training takes place

A new health and safety training centre has been opened in Thailand. The Pattaya International Safety Training Centre aims to deliver health and safety courses for both the offshore wind sector and the oil and gas sector.

The centre offers courses ranging from Basic Safety Training (BST) Full Course, to more specific training courses such as BST Fire Awareness. The courses can cost from £113 up to £1360 per person, all the courses also incur a 7% VAT addition to the price.

The training takes place over different periods for different courses, some can take around half a day to complete, and some can take as long as a week to finish.

The training centre has been approved by multiple certification bodies, including GWO, OPITO,
Department of Labour Protection and Welfare of Thailand, Atlas IMIST, and MEDIC First Aid.

The aim of opening the new training centre is to give local technicians the skills required to work on offshore wind farms or oil and gas platforms around the world.

With the offshore wind sector beginning to grow in neighbouring and close countries, like Vietnam and Taiwan, this shows an opportunity for Thai technicians to get involved in the sector.

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