The Crown Estate opens ITT Stage 1

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The Crown Estate, which acts as manager of the seabed around England, has officially opened the Invitation to Tender (ITT) Stage 1 for Round 4 of its offshore wind leasing programme yesterday (1 April 2020). Round 4 is expected to facilitate the installation of at least 7 GW of new offshore wind capacity off the coasts of England and Wales.

ITT stage 1 assesses the financial and technical robustness of projects submitted by Pre-qualified Bidders. Projects that pass will then be eligible to take part in the ITT Stage 2 process, becoming eligible bidders with eligible projects.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic It has extended  the period for ITT Stage 1 submissions from 7 to 10 weeks, to afford bidders additional time to respond.

The Crown Estate envisages that ITT Stage 2 will commence in the second half of September 2020, with the commencement of the Bidding Cycles in October. It is anticipated that lease agreements will be signed with developers in autumn 2021.

The Crown Estate Wales and Northern Ireland, is making four areas of seabed available to the market. The sites the Crown Estate has deemed viable for potential development includes the
Dogger Bank Bidding Area; Eastern Regions Bidding Area; South East Bidding Area; and Northern Wales and Irish Sea Bidding Area. The four areas can be viewed on 4C Offshore's interactive map.

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