The first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean has completed foundation installation

4C Offshore | Madeleine Tholen
By: 12/01/2022 Van Oord
Van Oord’s MPI Resolution completed installation of 10 monopiles that make up the Taranto Offshore Wind farm, the first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean.

This is a momentous moment for  
Taranto, 12 years after the project first submitted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The project has faced multiple setbacks with the EIA, supply chain and construction due to the challenging permitting process in Italy.

In recent years, Italy’s project pipeline has grown at unprecedented rates, yet there is still a lack of incentive tariffs for offshore wind. Developers are eagerly awaiting offshore wind specific legislation and are getting ahead of the game, having started authorisation for many commercial scale offshore wind projects.  

Taranto stays on track we could see commissioning of the wind farm by the middle of this year, signifying the first of many offshore wind farms in Italy and the Mediterranean.
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