Third of turbines commissioned at Windpark Fryslân

 Commissioning continues at Windpark Fryslân, the world's largest offshore wind farm in inland waters, located in the IJsselmeer near Breezanddijk, The Netherlands

70 of the 89 Siemens Gamsea SWT-DD-130 wind turbines are currently installed and off these 31 are commissioned. A milestone was achieved on 28th June where the last components we delivered to Alaskahaven. According to the project team, progress at pre-assembly site is good. The blades are attached to the hub in the port of Oude Zeug and then sailed to IJsselmeer and hoisted into final position.

In May project owners decided to push back commissioning due to the turbulent weather, the complex logistics of the project, and COVID-19, according to project developers. Contractor consortium Zuiderzeewind is expected complete the installation of the wind turbines in the Q3 2021.

Array cable installation concluded in June and all works on the export cabling circuits have been completed. The Oudehaske high-voltage substation near Heerenveen and two 55-km-long underground 110-kV cables are operational. In addition, monitoring of the nature island at Kornwerderzand is underway.

When full operations are achieved this year, the wind farm will generate enough green electricity to power approximately 500,000 households. Eneco has signed a 15-year PPA for the 1,500 GWh/year wind farm.

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