TouchWind secures € 2.8 million funding

TouchWind and its partner have received a € 2.8 million grant from the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs to support a three year validation programme called Proof-of principle for a floating offshore wind turbine concept. The subsidy was granted under the umbrella of the 'Topsector Energy subsidy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs'.

TouchWind's partners include of VDL Mast Solutions B.V., Nidec Netherlands B.V., Tres4 B.V. (We4Ce) and institutes, TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Maritime research Institute Netherlands. To date, the consortium has secured € 3.55 million.

TouchWind has designed an offshore wind turbine which features an angled one-piece rotor installed on a floating foundation. The company claims that its 200-metre rotor is capable of an energy output of 12.5 MW. It is also said to be capable to handle wind speeds of up to 70 m/s. A video on the technology can be seen below.

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