Transmission system commissioned for world's largest wind farm

NKT has completed export cable installation at the world's largest offshore wind farm, located 89 km off the English east coast. NKT has commissioned the 196 km 220 kV HVAC power cable system for the 1.3 GW Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm.

NKT's contract scope covers design, engineering, manufacturing, cable-laying, installation and testing. Manufacturing took place at its factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, which runs on 100% green electricity minimizing the carbon footprint of the cable system. As part of the environmental focus of the operation, the installation of the submarine power cable systems was completed by NKT Victoria, one of the most energy efficient cable- laying vessel in the industry.

The wind farm is due to be fully operational later this year and will power more than 1.3 million households when fully operational.

Patrick Harnett, Ørsted’s Programme Director for Hornsea 2, said: “Once fully operational later this year, Hornsea 2, located 89km off the UK's east coast, will be the world's largest operating offshore wind farm, taking the title from its sibling project Hornsea 1, with the power to generate 1.32 GW of clean energy. Constructing a project of this size and scale is only possible through strong collaboration, hard work, and dedication. We work very closely with our partner companies and have the finishing line in sight as we install the remaining turbines and continue testing, commissioning, and energising Hornsea 2.”

Claes Westerlind, Executive Vice President and Head of HV Solutions Karlskrona, said: “Offshore wind is a cornerstone in mitigating climate change and we are pleased to continue to be a key player in making offshore wind a main element in the green transformation of the UK power supply. With Hornsea 2, we are happy to continue the long-term collaboration with Ørsted in connecting a greener world.”

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