Turbine installation is underway at Huaneng Sheyang H1

Huadian Heavy Industry Co. Ltd has started turbine installation at the 300 MW
Huaneng Sheyang H1 offshore wind farm off the coast of Jiangsu, Yancheng, Sheyang in the East China Sea. The first 4.5 MW turbine was installed on 27 October 2019.

Offshore installation kicked off in September 2019 with the installation of the first monopile foundation. The installation work is being completed by Huadian Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd which will cover both the turbines and monopiles. ZTT Zhongtian Technology Group is responsible for the rest of the installation work.

4C estimated the project will generate first power in early 2020 and reach fully-commissioned by end 2020. It is being developed by Huaneng Renewables Corporation Ltd, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned enterprise China Huaneng Group, which primarily focuses on the development of offshore wind power.

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