Turbine installation underway for first Kincardine unit

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A turbine is being installed on the first of five floating foundations for the Kincardine floating wind farm. The 50 MW wind farm off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland will be the largest floating wind project in the world, once fully installed.

As previously reported, Navantia shipped out the first floating foundation last month using Fjord, a semi-submersible barge. Boskalis has been charged with transporting and installing five floating wind turbines for the project. According to footage of Sif's yard in Rotterdam the first V164-9.5 MW turbine components are now being integrated onto the foundation.

Two further foundations, KIN-02 and KIN-03, have been completed and are awaiting load out at Navantia's yard in Fene, Spain.

Mooring spreads are also  being installed on the seabed at the wind farm site; these will connect to the turbines. Techlift are providing engineering support to PSG Marine & Logistics on the anchor system load-out.

Kincardine floating offshore wind farm is being built by COBRA Group, 15 km offshore from the Scottish coast of Aberdeen. It will have capacity of 50 MW and feature a 2 MW turbine and five 9.525 MW turbines with semi-submersible floating structures designed by Principle Power. The project is located in water depths ranging between 60 and 80 metres.

The 2 MW turbine was put in operation at the site last year, in order to meet the Renewables Obligation Certificates deadline. The project was expected be fully operational by the end of 2020. However, as
reported exclusively to 4C Offshore subscribers in October, it is facing COVID-19-related delays, with full commissioning potentially moved back as late as June 2021.

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