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UK's largest offshore wind project on the horizon

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 31/03/2023 SSE Renewables

An application has been submitted for the construction of an offshore wind farm in Berwick Bank, which is located approximately 38 km off the East Lothian coast of Scotland. If approved, it is expected to generate up to 4.1 GW of power, which would make it the largest offshore wind farm in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

The onshore consent process is now open and is being considered by East Lothian Council, while the offshore consent process began in December 2022 and is being considered by the Scottish Government. A final decision is expected in 2023.

SSE Renewables, the company behind the project, anticipates that the Berwick Bank wind farm will bring several benefits to the economy, environment, and energy security. It could also act as a catalyst for supply chain investment in Scotland.

Alex Meredith, Berwick Bank Project Director says: "Berwick Bank is a win-win the climate and nature. If we consent Berwick Scotland will be leading the world in the delivery of offshore wind energy and we will provide a long-term solution to help Scotland’s iconic seabirds thrive. This is an opportunity we must progress rapidly."

The team behind the project have based the design on fixed-bottom technology so that it can be delivered quickly at scale.

Meredith adds: “We’re aiming to begin delivering the first energy from 2027, so it’s a very short lead time for a project of this size. We will be urging the planning authorities to consider the application quickly to allow us to deliver our largest wind farm to date, in the shortest time possible. Berwick Bank can be a massive step forward in the delivery of renewable capacity and lessen reliance on fossil fuels and volatile imported energy supplies. The world needs more renewable energy, and we are committed to helping meet Scotland and the UK's net zero targets. Our proposals also focus on managing the fishing of sandeels better in Scotland to protect our most vulnerable seabird colonies."

Berwick Bank is expected to play a significant role in helping the Scottish Government reach its goal of generating 11GW of new offshore wind energy supply by 2030, assuming the project is completed by that year. Over the project's lifespan, it is predicted to contribute around £8.3 billion to the UK economy as a whole.

SSE Renewables, the company behind the project, has proposed measures that could potentially increase the numbers of vulnerable seabird populations in the North Sea. If approved and implemented, the proposed compensation measures could increase bird populations by several thousand birds annually.

Berwick Bank Wind Farm Limited has applied for a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for specific land rights needed for its onshore infrastructure. The CPO process is running parallel to the planning application for the project's offshore and onshore infrastructure. The company aims to reach voluntary agreements with all affected landowners, and negotiations are ongoing.

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