Upgraded Forthwind design put to Scottish Ministers

Cireco hope to install a single turbine up to 20 MW at the Forthwind demonstration wind farm, located 1.5 km off the Scottish coast. It has submitted a revised Scoping Report to Scottish Ministers seeking opinion on the environmental impact scope and updated design.

Forthwind Ltd, originally owned by 2-B Energy, was first issued seabed lease rights from the Crown Estate back in August 2014 and granted development consent from Scottish Ministers in December 2016. The two turbines intended to be deployed were of the 2B Energy design; a 2 bladed wind turbine based on a lattice tower. The project was unable to secure the required investment to develop the project before the Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s)  export deadline of 30th September 2018.

In March 2018 Cierco Ltd. replaced 2-B Energy as owner of Forthwind Limited.

Since consent several factors influenced a revised design and new application process. The project was granted consent variation in May 2019 to increase capacity to 29.9 MW and a new Scoping Report for 2x12 MW 3-bladed turbines was submitted in April 2019 with scoping opinion issued by Marine Scotland in November 2019.

However, this is only valid for 12 months and developers only have this window to submit a consent application. Marine Scotland confirmed in February 2021 that it required Forthwind to resubmit the scoping report before being able to apply for consent.

A revised Scoping Report was submitted in August 2021 for a single turbine of up to 20 MW with a rotor diameter of up to 255 meters, tip height of 280m, and hub height of 156 m above Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT). Four pin piles or monopile foundations will be used and 1.8 km of 66 kV export cabling will connect to a substation located at the Fife Energy Park.

The project was sucessful in the 2019 CfD auction round (AR3) with a strike price of £39.65/MWh for 12MW. Cierco are targeting starting operations in 2024.

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