US House of Representatives pass Build Back Better Act

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 19/11/2021 The White House
The United States House of Representatives has passed the Build Back Better Act. The legislation includes long-term clean energy tax credits for manufacturing and development, funding for transmission projects and planning, assistance to rebuild ports, and advances offshore wind in the South Atlantic and U.S. territories.

It follows the signing of signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by President Biden which seeks to, among other things, provide funding for the country's energy transmission infrastructure and enhance the resilience and reliability of the electric grid  

Liz Burdock, CEO and president of the trade organisation Business Network for Offshore Wind, commented: "The Build Back Better Act includes the most significant federal investments ever in renewable energy and will propel the offshore wind industry forward in the United States. Fully harnessing the incredible potential offered by offshore wind requires a concentrated national industrial strategy that lays out clear clean energy goals, supports manufacturers and small businesses, builds up a workforce, and rebuilds our ports. The Build Back Better Act take significant steps towards this  strategy by providing the long-term support that will spark major investments in new factories manufacturing the blades, foundations, and tower that will build the industry.

"The U.S. House of Representatives has shown leadership in advancing offshore wind and the U.S. Senate should follow suit by also passing the Build Back Better Act."

American Clean Power Association CEO Heather Zichal issued the following statement: “The American Clean Power Association applauds the House passage of the Build Back Better Act which includes the largest job-creating investment for clean energy in American history and important provisions to combat the ongoing and intensifying climate crisis.

"The stable and predictable policies for renewable energy projects included in the House-passed legislation will help grow America’s economy and a clean energy future that creates good-paying jobs and a cleaner environment. With tax credits for renewable generation, energy storage, transmission projects, green hydrogen and the growing offshore wind energy sector and associated domestic manufacturing, a powerful signal is being sent to the private sector and industry.

"The Build Back Better Act will help spur new investment, accelerate the development of projects and deliver over 1 million clean energy jobs by 2030.  It will also help create growth opportunities for local communities and put the country on a path to achieve the goal of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035 — which will require doubling the size of the electricity grid and tripling the amount of clean energy carried by it."