Van Oord and Vard seal cable vessel deal

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Van Oord has ordered a custom-built green cable-laying vessel from VARD in Norway. The vessel, targeted towards the offshore wind sector is due to be operational in 2023.

The new DP2 vessel will be equipped with a below-deck cable carousel and a second carousel on deck, with total cable-carrying capacity of 8,000 tonnes. The vessel will mainly be deployed on inter-array grid and export cables of offshore wind projects. The vessel is also able to install High Voltage Direct Current cables. Van Oord’s cable trenchers can also be operated from this vessel.

The new vessel has been designed with sustainable technologies in order to reduce the carbon footprint during operations and port standby. Further to the possibility to run on bio fuel, this hybrid vessel has future fuel ready engines with built-in flexibility to anticipate e-fuels. It will have a large battery pack, a shore supply connection and a energy management system. This set-up is expected to result in a reduction of CO2, NOx and SOx emissions.

"Van Oord is committed to reducing CO2 emissions to become carbon-neutral by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. This investment emphasises our commitment to net-zero emissions," said Pieter van Oord, CEO of Van Oord.

"We highly appreciate the close and excellent cooperation that has been established between Van Oord and VARD’s project teams to enable this innovative vessel within the renewable segment. Our ambition is to contribute to our customers achievements, through environmentally friendly vessels and technological solutions focusing on safety, sustainability and efficiency performance, and we are looking forward to developing this cable-layer together with Van Oord," commented Mr. Alberto Maestrini, CEO of VARD.

This new vessel is Van Oord's second cable-laying vessel in addition to the
Nexus. Its intelligent cable lay control system will be a further evolution from Nexus. It measures 130 metres in length and 28 metres across the beam and will be Dutch flagged.

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