Van Oord's new vessel Calypso arrives in Norway for completion

4C Offshore | Kaitlin Walsh
By: 08/12/2022 Van Oord
Van Oord's new cable-laying vessel Calypso has arrived in Norway for completion.

Following the vessel's
launch back in October, it arrived in Brattvaag shipyward, Norway, to undergo the installation of cable carousels. This is the final step in its construction.

Once completed,
Calypso will mainly be deployed to install inter-array grid and export cables for offshore wind projects, including high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables. Van Oord's highly innovative cable trenchers can also be operated from this vessel.

The vessel will have two carousels, leading to a cable carrying capacity of over 8,000 tons. It is expected that
Calypso  will be fully operational and ready to contribute to offshore wind projects across the globe from the end of 2023.

Calypso is Van Oord's second cable-laying vessel alongside Nexus, a 122 metre cable installation vessel with a 5,000 ton cable carousel.

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