Vattenfall seeks input on Swedish surveys

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Vattenfall is consulting on proposed geophysical and geotechnical surveys for its Kattegatt Syd offshore wind farm located in the Swedish Baltic Sea.

Prior to detailed planning of the wind farm, Vattenfall is preparing bottom surveys to map the planned area for the wind farm and the cable corridors that will connect the park with land.

The surveys, which include drilling and seismic surveys, are necessary to understand the conditions (for example, bottom type and distance to rock under the seabed) that are crucial for choosing the best possible technology for the wind farm.

An exploration permit is required for the investigations. Due to noise impacts associated with the drilling, Vattenfall have launched a delimitation consultation as part of its permit application procedure. This is being held until 16th April 2021.

The Kattegatt Syd wind farm comprises about 80 turbines that will generate 1,200 MW. The 177 km2 wind farm area is located approximately 25 km outside Falkenberg and just north of the Stora Middelgrund wind power project that Vattenfall acquired in 2019. The project will connect to the electricity grid in the Väröbacka area in Varberg.

Consultations regarding the projects overall construction and operation permits took place between 8th January and 19th February 2021. The consultation included authorities, municipalities, associations, organizations and the general public. The project is now entering an analysis and evaluation phase of the opinions and views received during the consultation phase.

In the coming years, various geotechnical surveys of the seabed and the marine environment will be carried out to help inform the wind farm design. Provided that a permit is obtained and that an investment decision can be made, the construction of the Kattegatt Syd park is expected to begin in 2028 and be completed in 2030.

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