Vineyard Offshore strengthens Salem and North Shore ties with Vineyard Wind 2 proposal

By: Chloe Emanuel

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14/06/2024 Vinyard Offshore

Vineyard Offshore, a leading U.S. offshore wind developer, has intensified its commitment to Salem and the North Shore with its Vineyard Wind 2 project. If selected in ongoing offshore wind solicitations, the company will base offshore construction at the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal, boosting local employment and economic opportunities through partnerships with local institutions.

CEO Alicia Barton emphasised Vineyard Offshore's long-standing efforts to make Salem a hub for offshore wind, aiming to generate jobs and economic benefits for the region. The company has pledged $500,000 to Salem's Climate Adaptation Fund to support local resiliency projects, including seawall rehabilitation and solar and battery storage systems for critical infrastructure.

Mayor Dominick Pangallo and state officials praised the initiative, highlighting Salem's role in renewable energy development and climate mitigation. State Representative Manny Cruz and Senator Joan Lovely noted the project’s potential to make Salem a regional leader in renewable energy, creating economic mobility and supporting local businesses.

The proposal includes significant community partnerships, such as a $500,000 commitment to Salem High School’s Career and Technical Education Centre for offshore wind training programs. Salem State University’s Centre for Economic Development and Sustainability will analyze workforce and supply chain needs, while the Essex County Community Foundation will manage local funding allocations.

Vineyard Offshore's lease agreement with Crowley Wind Services will ensure ongoing use of the Salem terminal, supporting local employment through 2031. The project is expected to generate $2.3 billion in direct expenditure and 3,800 job-years across New England, with substantial benefits for Massachusetts.

With more than 200 letters of support, including from environmental justice groups, the Vineyard Wind 2 proposal aims to deliver significant economic and environmental benefits, contingent on approval from state solicitations.

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