Vissim scores Dogger Bank contract

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 16/06/2021 Vissim AS

Vissim AS has signed a long-term framework agreement with Equinor to provide digital marine optimisation solutions to the operator’s offshore wind projects, including an immediate call-off for Dogger Bank A, B and C.

The Dogger Bank wind farms are located more than 130 km from the Yorkshire coast. Due to its size and scale, the overall wind farm is being built in three consecutive 1.2 GW phases. The project partners reached financial close on the first two phases,
Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B, at the beginning of December. The Dogger Bank C financial decision is expected to come in late 2021. The projects will be capable of powering up to 4.5 UK million homes each year when complete in 2026. Each project is expected to generate around 6 TWh of electricity annually.

Dogger Bank A and B is a joint venture between SSE Renewables (40%), Equinor (40%) and Eni (20%). Dogger Bank C is a 50:50 joint venture between SSE Renewables and Equinor. SSE Renewables is leading on the construction and delivery of Dogger Bank Wind Farm. Equinor will operate Dogger Bank Wind Farm upon completion, for its lifetime of up to 35 years.

Offshore wind farms generate and require large quantities of operational data. This ranges from weather forecasts and vessel and personnel locations, through HSE and competence qualifications, to work orders, asset statuses and radio communication. Vissim synthesises and presents this data in a unique, actionable format - operating to industrial design and corporate cyber-security standards.

Nicholas Dent, Managing Director – Global Wind at Vissim AS, commented: “Vissim is creating intelligent workflows alongside Equinor and other leading wind farm developers. The system is about getting the right planning and real-time data to the right people, in the right format, at the right time. This enhances collaboration between the many players in the construction and O&M ecosystem. Vissim’s systems help to manage risks in a changeable environment and further create value for developers and operators by avoiding repetition, deviation and delay. Our industrialised processes and global capability make Vissim a natural partner for scale offshore wind developers.”

So far this year Vissim offshore wind solutions have been deployed for new offshore wind construction projects in France, Scotland and Japan.

On the Norwegian continental shelf, Vissim continuously monitors more than 60 rigs and between 5,000 and 6,000 vessels on behalf of Equinor and other operators.

“We are delighted to be working with Equinor in the offshore wind industry too, to set a new standard in portfolio-level marine optimisation, and to further extend our contribution to the energy decarbonisation agenda,”
concludes Nicholas Dent.

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