Windar's Russian excursion

General ElectricWindar Renovables announced plans to develop its fourth manufacturing centre outside of Spain, in order to supply wind towers for developers from Russia.

Windar Renovables is a Spanish company that performs production of towers and foundations for offshore wind farms. Based in Avilés (Asturias), it is part of the Daniel Alonso Group.

The new factory is the first of its kind in Russia. It will be located in Rostov, in southwest European Russia, and will have a 15,000m2 factory as well as 60,000m2 for storage. It is scheduled to start operations at the end of this year and will supply the Russian market. The company is hiring over 200 employees at the factory to meet the expected demand.

Windar Renovables has forged an alliance with two local partners to establish a development company for the plant, in which Windar Renovables is the majority stakeholder. These partners are Severstal, a large Russian company from the mining and steel production sectors, and RusNano, an investment fund with government support.

The president of Windar Renovables, Orlando Alonso, explained that "this is the fourth factory that we have built abroad to increase our capacity in the global market. After having established manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Brazil and India, we are now entering a region where strong momentum is expected and where we want to help our clients to grow by offering them the best solutions with Windar's guarantee ".

In Spain, Windar Renovables manages seven factories in several areas of the country. Its headquarters and the largest capacity for production is located in Avilés, which has been very active recently in the production of components for offshore wind farms.

In addition, to the offshore market, Windar maintains an alliance with Navantia to produce jackets in Ferrol which are destined for wind farms in northern Europe. As a result of this union, the companies have supplied equipment for the
Wikinger, Hywind, Nissum Brednings, and East Anglia One wind farms, along with other prospective projects.

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