Yunlin bird survey collaboration between Germany, Japan, and Taiwan

By: Tom Russell

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11/06/2020 Weather Risk

Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd. (wpd Group) and WeatherRisk Explore Inc. have signed turnkey contract for bird surveys during the operation of the
Yunlin offshore wind farm with a total value of nearly NTD$ 70 million.

is being developed by wpd Group, with total capacity of 640MW. In March this year, wpd officially commissioned the WeatherRisk Explore Inc. to be responsible for long-term and continuous bird surveys of the offshore wind farm, to understand the relationship between the wind farm’s operations and the surrounding bird ecology.

WeatherRisk is one of Taiwan’s largest domestic weather companies, with multiple national weather forecast certificates. In addition to the weather forecast and disaster prevention services, WeatherRisk has actively invested in renewable energy forecasting and monitoring services in recent years.

Dr. Chi-Ming Peng CEO, WeatherRisk Explore Inc., has collaborated with disaster prevention experts to publish Taiwan’s first-ever offshore wind farm risk practice book last year (2019), “Offshore Wind Farm Construction and Risks in Taiwan.” The technologies used for conducting bird surveys at
Yunlin represent a technical collaboration with the Japan Weather Association (JWA).

WeatherRisk and the JWA have integrated Taiwan and Japan’s offshore wind farm experiences and bird survey technology resources to form a team with Taiwan’s local suppliers and bird experts, including NTU Professor Dr. Tzung-Su Ding to jointly conduct bird surveys during the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm’s operational phase. This included system procurement, installation and operation, and Professor Ding's extensive and practical bird survey experiences will improve information identification opportunities.

The system includes a high-performance radar, thermal imaging cameras, and sonic microphones. JWA has an exclusively developed system and analysis software that has been applied to offshore wind farms in Japan, and this collaboration between Taiwan and Japan will provide a comprehensive one-stop solutions. This case is the first time since the development of Taiwan’s offshore wind farm industry where technical teams from Taiwan and Japan have collaborated to acquire a bird survey turnkey project.

Yunlin is one of largest offshore wind farms being developed in Taiwan. It is to be constructed 8 km from the coast in the Taiwan strait with a total installed capacity of 640 MW. The first half of the turbines will be commissioned by 2020 and the other half in 2021. The purpose of this project is to alleviate power shortages resulting from the scheduled shutdown of several nuclear power plants.

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From left to right, Yun-I Wang, Chairman, wpd Taiwan, Wen-Sheng Tseng, The Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, and Dr. Chi-Ming Peng, CEO, WeatherRisk Explore Inc.

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