Advanced Market Research

Keep on top of the market. Make informed decisions.

4C Offshore's experienced and qualified research team specialise in monitoring and analysing the offshore wind sector. In addition to standardised subscriptions, 4C Offshore provides advisory consulting services to the offshore wind and energy markets.

Drawing on extensive information resources, cost and supply chain models and a network of offshore wind contacts, 4C Offshore delivers clear and comprehensive reports with a quick and efficient turnaround time.

Underlying these services is a core competence in managing, analysing and presenting information clearly as well as an understanding of the key drivers influencing the development of the offshore energy sector.


Detailed summaries of the latest government attitudes, including insight into policies, subsidy mechanisms and overall market attractiveness


Empirical evidence and trends for offshore components and project costs based on extensive market research


Using insight into real project pipelines and future market outlooks, 4C Offshore defines credible growth forecasts


Market share, supply and demand and competitor analysis

Scope of Work Client Comments
boskalis EPCI value analysis for offshore wind markets globally “We thank 4C Offshore for the work performed. The bespoke analysis has helped us tremendously with EPCI market insights on short notice.”
Elia Market survey to identify and interview capable contractors for a potential offshore grid system. Additional analysis included costings and contracting strategies "4C Offshore provided the whole scope Elia asked for and it was always delivered on time. The whole execution was very professional and of high quality.”
Windstream Cost analysis for a North American offshore wind farm “We remain absolutely thrilled with the quality and timeliness of your work … Thank you for coming through for us”
deepocean Subsea cable demand study including review of market development, transmission frameworks, analysis of market drivers and future projects, forecasts and insights into capital costs and repairs. “Impressive consolidation of offshore power cable installation activities in the North West European theatre in one publication.”
Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

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