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  • Construction & Maintenance Vessels


Essential to delivering offshore wind projects, construction and maintenance vessels are a diverse range of specialised vessels that form a niche supply chain in their own right with the potential to fast track or delay projects. For some components 2-3 vessels worldwide are the only ones suitable for installation.

We profile a growing list of over 730 vessels active in or proposing to the sector, including vessels under construction.

Imagine what you could do with a team of researchers and analysts tracking each and every contract your competitors are on. Imagine seeing both current and future vessel charters.
Imagine at your fingertips being able to oversee those vessels doing construction support, cable installation, heavy construction and survey works, with just a few mouse clicks and see where they are now and even what wind farm asset they are working on.
Imagine access to analyst insight into how project timelines will play into the supply and demand cycles.

You can get all this, provided by a handpicked team of experts who have simplified the complexities of this vessel market, and made it available to you through ForeSEE, a comprehensive service enabling you to identify opportunities, identify new build disruption so you can forecast supply capacity and predict vessel demand.

By obtaining access to Construction and Maintenance Intelligence you will access detailed expertise from analysts working in this sector, a team providing you support to help achieve your long-term, strategic decisions that can secure your current and future business.

A single vessel investment can set you back 100’s millions of Euros so it’s vital to make smart decisions, using all the help you can get.

You can gain exclusive access to a world of construction and maintenance vessel intelligence enabling you to invest wisely today in tomorrow’s revenue streams.

Complete the simple enquiry form to start your journey to smarter decision making.

What do you get?

Construction & maintenance vessel Intelligence – through the ForeSEE dashboard. This is an easy to use system letting you select, filter, visualise and analyse the information that’s most Important to you in a few of clicks or taps. You get exclusive access to the latest 4C Construction and maintenance vessel market reports, online analytical tools such as the vessel contracts timeline, interactive breakdown of current and future online charts, downloadable and online spreadsheets and exclusive news, delivered in an easy to understand format. You also gain access to the industry’s largest filterable databases.

New information entered into the ForeSEE system is updated daily on your dashboard!

Reports – Access Reports throughout the year, giving you access to our experts’ analysis to provide you in simple to read language strategic information on market shares, project pipelines, future installation demand, vessel suitability, order books, component trends (foundations and turbines) and special items such as Jack-up conversions and upgrades in progress or planned.

Spreadsheet database – Download the Construction & Maintenance vessel database which enables you to filter the data to identify current contracts of interest, current activity, future contracts, past contracts, filter by vessel specifications, carry out a fleet analysis and provide you with contact information.

There is now an online version that is updated as we update the database, allowing you to interact through the ForeSEE dashboard.

Map – Zoom in on the wind farms to validate which vessel is working at each location of interest

News updates – Make sure you get updated on which vessel is doing what straight to your inbox. This service keeps you abreast of what is happening, where, when and to whom.

Vessel Contract Timeline Tool – Use the ForeSEE dashboard to select by multiple or single vessel types, operator, or wind farms or altogether to pull up a timeline of what vessels are working, where they are working, what they are doing and over what period.

Interactive graphs – The ForeSEE dashboard now allows an innovative new feature whereby you can interact with graphs and by selecting graph elements see a detailed breakdown of what that element represents.

As you target this growing market, make sure you have the right information that keeps you at the front of the pack. Complete the simple enquiry form to start your journey to smarter decision making.

Who is it for?

Our clients include Capital investors and advisors, specialist vessel owners, market analysts and advisors, government agencies, major component installers, maritime bunkerers, project developers, logistic companies, oil and gas developers, shipbuilders, equipment specialists, R&D institutes, Financial institutions, specialist banking and insurers. Complete the simple enquiry form to start your journey to smarter decision making.

How do I get started?

For a demonstration of how the Construction and Maintenance Intelligence service will transform your business, just complete the enquiry form.

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