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Gain ultimate geospatial knowledge of the offshore wind industry with full access to 4C Offshore market intelligence GIS data. Benefit from over a decade of global intelligence covering lease polygons, windfarm boundaries, turbine locations and much more with our enhanced Premium subscription options.

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Empower your organization with our industry-leading database, which provides a competitive edge through opportunity identification, data-driven decision-making, and a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape. Our Geographic Information System (GIS) database sets the standard in breadth and depth, offering unparalleled access and insights.




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Geospatial Insight to Empower Decisions

The offshore wind farm sector has grown significantly in recent years, driven by technological advances, government policies, and declining costs. Keeping track of global developments, from lease block delineation to wind farm configurations and associated infrastructure placement, has become a complex and demanding task.

Through mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), developers, researchers, and consultants involved in offshore wind can remain fully informed of the geographical layouts of the areas of interest, guiding decisions from site selection to asset management.

How can access to 4C Offshore GIS Spatial Data help my business?

GIS Spatial Data subscribers get access to our exclusive GIS database, which can assist offshore wind developers and investors in various ways. Data can be downloaded in a range of formats.

Identify suitable locations for renewable energy projects. The analysis of data on factors like wind speeds and terrain to determine which sites are suitable for your projects.

Assess the availability and potential of renewable resources in a given area. Use mapping data to determine solar irradiance or wind speed at a specific location, allowing an estimate of the energy output of a proposed project.

GIS data can aid in the planning and design of renewable energy projects. By creating 3D models of a site and incorporating data on factors such as land use, soil type and topography, businesses can optimize the design and placement of renewable energy infrastructure.

GIS data can help businesses evaluate their projects' potential environmental impact, including factors such as wildlife habitats, protected areas and sensitive ecosystems.

Why choose a GIS Spatial Data subscription?

  • One-stop-shop for GIS and mapping data
  • Reduce waste on time-consuming research
  • Access forecasts
  • Investigate component trends
  • Reveal business opportunities
  • Target growth areas

What's included with a GIS Spatial Data subscription?

Access data on

  • Offshore wind farm boundaries
  • Turbine Positions
  • Export, array and transmission cable routes
  • Platform locations
  • Interconnector Routes
  • Additional data formats available upon request
  • Updated frequently
  • Offline use (via ZIP file download)
  • WFS/WMS feed available (daily updates)

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The 4C Offshore web app from TGS provides unlimited access to the data and insights you need to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

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