Offshore Wind Turbines Intelligence

The Offshore Wind Turbine Database has been created to provide an overview of offshore turbine models, their technology, trends and manufacturers. It is a complete compilation of the current turbine models being installed in today's projects, onshore models that have been used in early projects and the latest prototypes on the drawing board.

What's included in this subscription?

  • 144+ offshore wind turbines, including the most recent prototypes.
  • List of offshore wind turbine manufacturers, including new entrants.
  • Detailed specifications of the offshore wind turbines
  • Turbine images for visual reference.

How do we stay ahead of the market?

  • Monitoring of Industry news - routine monitoring of newly designed turbines and turbine contract announcements.
  • Turbine owner's websites and turbine spec sheets are checked regularly for announcements regarding contracts and information updates.
  • Insider information - 4C receive input from turbine manufacturers and other parts of the supply chain

"Access to good quality data, thoughtful analysis and interpretive reports, market insights and knowledge. Friendly & helpful service with commercial flexibility."

Ian Bryan, Global Marine Group

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Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

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