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Subsea power cable is a coming together of largely two sectors, Electricity Interconnection and Offshore wind.

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We are all seeing a rapidly growing offshore power grid emerging from a disconnected set of subsea power cable projects comprising of offshore wind farms, country to country interconnectors, grid reinforcement and island connections. A further 33,000km of subsea power cable is forecast for installation over the next few years so just to stay informed requires putting together a multi-disciplined team of experts.

Imagine yourself with access to detailed information on over 600 electricity interconnector and island connection projects, being able to keep on top of this market as new projects continue to emerge.
Imagine subsea cable information covering the export, transmission and array cabling in detail on nearly 1800 offshore wind farms, complete with the substation information.
Imagine you now know who is supplying each project, who is installing the cables, what vessels are utilised.

Fortunately, 4C Offshore has a team of experts and analysts who have simplified the complexities of this market, and made it available to you through ForeSEE, a comprehensive service enabling you to identify opportunities, forecast supply capacity and predict project demand.

This is an industry worth 10’s of billions of euros – what is it worth to you?

You can gain exclusive access to a world of information covering global Subsea power cable projects enabling you to invest wisely today in tomorrow’s revenue streams.

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What do you get?

Subsea Cable Intelligence – through the ForeSEE dashboard. This is a simple to use system letting you select, filter, visualise and analyse the information that’s most important to you in a few of clicks or taps. you get exclusive access to the latest 4C Subsea Cable reports, a range of online analytical tools, visualisation through online charts, downloadable and online spreadsheets, exclusive news, and project timeline tools, delivered in a simple to use, simple to understand format. You also gain access to the industry’s largest filterable databases.

New information entered into the ForeSEE system is updated daily on your dashboard!

Understand the global market with Intelligent Market Reports

Reports – you’ll receive Market Reports throughout the year, giving you access to our experts’ insights and their analysis on the dynamics affecting global market forces. Understand in simple to read language, legislative change, supply chain constraints, environmental factors and geopolitical changes for every major region undertaking subsea power cabling.

You can access the most important information at a glance using concise text and straightforward charts. Each territory includes a project pipeline to help you target upcoming global opportunities balanced with risks to those markets.

Understand how the Subsea power market is developing so you can tailor your offering to capture new market share.

Spreadsheets – Two dedicated databases covering the offshore wind and electricity interconnector markets respectively, in both online and in Excel formats. You access cable specific information on offshore wind farm projects providing you with key dates, substation, export, array and offshore cabling information with detailing on Grid events. Using 4C Offshore proprietary models, you get information on likely values and lengths where developers are invoking confidential. For interconnectors you can filter by technology, countries linked, landings, status and much more. You can determine the likelihood of a project proceeding so helping you decide where to invest your resources.

Pick the right projects to pursue and avoid the non-starters.

Map - You can zoom in on cable route corridors at the planning stage, see the cable routes when proposed and once installed see the as laid cables, whether they are Interconnectors, wind farm export or transmission cables or indeed array cables. The location of substation, landing points, vessels of interest are all identified in the interactive system. Turbine locations are referenced for a full understanding of the grid setup.

Charts – Clear, interactive charts don’t just give you data, they give you knowledge. Quickly filter the charts to get the views you need and spot future trends, no crystal ball required.

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As you target this growing market, make sure you have the right information that keeps you at the front of the pack.

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Who is it for?

Our clients include Manufacturers, Vessel owners, Utilities, Survey companies, Grid owners, Installers, Trenching companies, Equipment builders, Banks, Investors, Developers, Oil and Gas companies, Equipment suppliers, Government departments, other market intelligence companies, Vessel owners, and Insurers with more joining every month.

How do I get started?

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