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In each offshore wind farm location people need to get to work each day to either construct or maintain these crucial projects. Wind farm service vessels play an essential part in getting them there.

Can you ignore which vessels are on contract? Does it matter which project the contract is for? Which vessels are available?

The market is changing. Of the 2117 + offshore wind farm projects, 1060 are either constructed, under construction or in planning, and in 40 countries.

Is it likely that less vessels will be needed to simply get people to work?

Amidst all this, the technological requirements mean that vessels also have to change – longer, shorter, faster, more efficient, more comfort and at times operating from other vessels, the wind farm service vessel industry can be hard for you alone to stay ahead of. And when CAPEX for a vessel is €2-3 million (SOV’s millions more) you need to stay on top of this market.

But you are not alone – 4C Offshore offers an unparalleled intelligence service via the ForeSEE online service informing you continuously throughout the year through a mix of tabular information, reports, news, graphs, vessels schedules and other intelligence support to keep you ahead of your competition.

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What do you get?

Reports - Real insight and analysis throughout the year. Receive reports covering various topics including a breakdown of geographical markets, insights as to how CTVs, SOVs and helicopters fit together and an expert view on how the CTV and SOV Operators are performing. See how the supply side analysis fits into the Construction and O&M project phases. Understand market impact of new builds and examine existing vessel numbers of unique turbine visits and time spent. These are real topics covered in existing reports.

Spreadsheet/Database - You can either download or use the ForeSEE online database, allowing you to analyse and filter using 60+ parameters, almost 600 vessels from over 200 operators! You can filter by name, operator, vessel status, type, flag, work location and country. See vessels with and without contracts and projects without vessels agreed yet.

Vessel Contracts Timeline - Use the ForeSEE dashboard to select the time period you are interested in, filter by multiple or single vessel types, operator and review the contracts (or not) the vessels are working on.

News - see live the latest vessel news as it happens within the ForeSEE dashboard. Download or get sent news round-ups so you can review the main news items gathered by 4C Offshore to ensure you have not missed anything important.

Charts and Graphs - No more waiting until the next report! We are migrating key charts and graphs to ForeSEE and more importantly interactive, so you can pinpoint the information important to YOU as we update it. Crew vessels on charter by project, can be drilled down to reveal all the vessels in operation, what it is doing, when its due to start and finish and even break down into vessel specifications containing 38 key information sets. See future vessel builds showing delivery timelines, vessels on and off charter, and vessels taken out of service, all with a simple click or tap. Simple!

Our clients include helicopter manufacturers, vessel owners, vessel operators, turbine manufacturers, shipyards, financiers, investors, research and testing institutes.

How do I get started?

In order to fully understand how access to wind farm service vessels intelligence will transform your business, just complete the enquiry form.

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