Belgium Energy Island Converter

The Belgian government is considering connecting the Prinses Elisabeth Zone to an energy island. The new island concept is based on a concrete structure filled with sand, spanning five hectares and located 40 km offshore. The estimated cost is €420 m. The island scenario entails a higher initial cost than MOG II but offers additional uses and revenue generation. The island will serve other commercial activities including green hydrogen, interconnection with EU nations (especially Denmark), battery storage, floating PV, data centre, and an O&M hub. Belgium is following a similar set-up to the Danish energy island, with TSO Elia responsible for transmission aspects. Elia will form a joint venture with a private partner to develop and fund the island. Elia requires support of € 100 m from the EU Recovery and Resilience fund. Pre-feasibility, design, and environmental studies have already started with the aim of fast tracking development. The offshore energy island should be constructed by mid-2026. Subsequently, the transmission infrastructure will be built on the island, which should be ready in line with the completion of the wind farms, from 2027 onwards.
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Belgium Energy Island Converter

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