Energiø Nordsøen Converter

Artificial Danish Energy Island in North Sea, Initial capacity expected to by at least 3 GW by 2030 with long term expansion to 10 GW. The artificial island must initially have a minimum area of approx. 120,000 square meters. The artificial island in the North Sea and the surrounding offshore wind farms will be located approx. 80 km off Thorsminde. The island will house electrical engineering facilities for transporting electricity from the turbines and into the electricity grid, possibly a port and service facilities as well as interconnection, and synergies with other technologies e.g. Power-to-x. The construction concept will allow modular expansion, which gives flexibility in terms of expansion and further development of the island. The government states that the paradigm shift from individual offshore wind farms to energy islands ensures a more efficient use of resources, less onshore electricity infrastructure as well as international synergies
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Energiø Nordsøen Converter

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