Southern New England Ocean Grid Converter 1 (Brayton Point)

The New England Ocean Grid is part of Anbaric Development Partners’ (ADP’s) plan for a phased OceanGrid backbone, to be implemented over 20 years. This first phase combines its Massachusetts Ocean Grid and Connecticut Ocean Grid solutions, and incorporates two HVDC converters, most likely at repurposed energy stations Brayton Point (MA) and Bridgeport (CT). However, ADP has highlighted in submissions to BOEM that it is keen to be flexible about its design and that it has not ruled out AC exports instead of or alongside DC for some areas. The Massachusetts Ocean Grid proposal secured consent from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to sell transmission rights at negotiated rates in February 2018, and the proposal had highlighted a timeline whereby cable construction would run in 2020 and 2024 meaning the Massachusetts grid would be active in two phases, from 2021 and 2025. However, the New England OceanGrid has a different timeline. It asks BOEM to grant non-exclusive Right of Way/Right of Use and Easement (ROW/RUE) in Q2 2020 following public consultation in Q1 2020, in order that ADP can bid the project in Massachusetts’ anticipated transmission auction later this year. Currently (10th January 2020), BOEM has yet to open its request for competitive interest and comments.
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Southern New England Ocean Grid Converter 1 (Brayton Point)

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