Vessels provide you with the means of transport, installation and accommodation as well as other needs to the offshore wind, subsea transmission, submarine electricity interconnector and tidal energy supply chains.

Information on vessels grouped into 3 major categories and is free to access.

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Service Vessels

Service Vessels which also include Service Operation Vessels (SOV’s)

  • SOV’s transport technicians to site, provide offshore accommodation, may contain workshop facilities and may transfer technicians directly to turbines
  • Accommodation vessels
  • Crew transfer vessel (may be called Windfarm service vessels – WFSV’s

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Construction & Maintenance Vessels

Barges (a vessel that needs tug assistance to move from site to site)

  • Vessels with cranes including:
    • Sheerleg cranes
    • Pedestal cranes
  • Vessels with legs
  • Semi-submersible
  • Cable lay/installation vessels/barges
  • Other – unconventional vessels

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Survey Vessels

  • Inshore survey
  • Medium sized survey
  • Offshore /Larger survey

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