27 May 2019: update: two proposed layouts include: 1/ 154MW: 22 7MW turbines (15 turbines located to the east of existing Samso turbines, the 10 Samso turbines are then replaced by 7 larger turbines), tip height 205m, 115m hub height, 180m rotor diameter; 2/ 228MW: 19 12MW turbines (13 new turbines east of exiting 10 Samso turbines which will be replaced by 6 new turbines), 230m tip height, 125m hub height, 210m rotor diameter. Initial analysis concludes that: there are no significant conflicts prevent the further development of the project; potential disruption to marine mammals during construction; minimal impact on birds; establishment of artificial reefs; no conflicts of use. update 27/05/19: On 27 May 2019, the Danish Energy Agency received a revised application from Wind Estate. The offshore wind turbine project comprises 19 - 22 offshore wind turbines with an installed capacity of 154 - 228 MW. The individual offshore wind turbine will have a maximum height of 230 meters including the blades. There are 10 offshore wind turbines south of Samsø on Paludan Flak. They are located in the western part of the area now being sought for permission to investigate. In the long term, it is Wind Estate's plan that the existing 10 offshore wind turbines will be replaced by 7 new wind turbines, so that a total of 19-22 turbines will be left on Paludan flak. The area is 3.5 km from Samsø. The distance to the other surrounding coasts is over 8 km. 8.5 kilometers to Fynshoved, 15.7 kilometers to North Funen, 16.1 kilometers to Endelave, 15 kilometers to Røsnæs and 19 kilometers to Asnæs. On May 3, 2019, the Danish Energy Agency received an application from Wind Estate for a preliminary exploration permit for an offshore wind farm project southeast of Samsø.
Fully Commissioned
23 MW
4C Offshore | Location Map: Lat(55.720) Lon(10.583)

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Power & Turbines
Windfarm Capacity
23 MW
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