Nordsee Two Offshore Wind Farm

26 Feb 2021: UPDATE: On 26th February the Federal Network Agency announced the launch of the tender for areas N-3.7 (225 MW), N-3.8 (433 MW) and O-1.3 (300 MW). The bidding window closes on 1st September 2021. The windfarms will connect to the NOR-3-3 and OST-1-4 transmission systems to be built by TenneT and 50 Hertz.The BSH has conducted extensive preliminary studies of the marine environment, the subsoil and the wind and oceanographic conditions of the sites to determine their suitability. The costs of the preliminary investigation should be passed on to the successful bidders after the award. The tenders are the first to be based on the new central model. Bids will be awarded based on lowest price. The maximum value for bids is 7.3 ct / kWh. The WindSeeG law now stipulates that a lottery will determine the winner from multiple zero subsidy bids. However, if other developers hold previous rights to develop the sites and if at least 50% of their project overlaps with the tender area they have a right to step in and obtain the site providing they match the winning bid. Innogy (RWE) and Northland Power previously held rights for the Nordsee Two (384 MW) project within the same area of N-3.8 and meets the prerequisites under the WindSeeG act (Section 40 Paragraph 1) to exercise a 'right of entry'. Iberdrola previously held rights to develop the Windanker (250 MW) project within O-1.3 and can exercise its right of entry. Both projects previously failed to win/declined to bid in the 2017/2018 transitional tenders. After bids are decided, Developers will still need to apply for relevant construction approval. The completion of the wind farms is planned for the year 2026. According to the Area Development Plan (FEP 2020) Areas O-1.3 (300 MW) will be tendered in 2021 for commissioning in 2026. According to the the network development plan (NEP) 2035 (2021) connection is via OST 1-4 (Ostwind3) using 300 MW, 220 kV, HVAC technology, and will start implementation from 2022 for commissioning 2026.
384 MW
4C Offshore | Location Map: Lat(54.069) Lon(6.895)

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Power & Turbines
Windfarm Capacity
384 MW
Turbine Model
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Other Turbine(s) Used
Min. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Max. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Min. Number of Turbines
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Max. Number of Turbines
Total Turbine Height
Hub Height
Rotor Diameter
Foundation Type
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Foundations on Wind Farm
Foundation Comments

Location & Environment
Sea Name
North Sea
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Depth Range (Chart Datum)
Depth Range (Stated by Developer)
Distance from Shore (Developer)
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Distance from Shore (Computed)

Installation Base
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Ops and Maintenance
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Number of Offshore Platform(s)
Shared Platform Type
Grid Connection Point
Cable Landing Point

Export Cables (AC & DC)
Number of Export Cables (AC)
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Average Length per Cable (AC)
Additional Requirements (AC)
Nominal Voltage (AC)
Number of Export Cables (DC)
Average Length per Cable (DC)
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Additional Requirements (DC)
Nominal Voltage (DC)

Nominal Voltage

Onshore Cables
Number of Onshore Cables
Average Length per Cable
Expected Life