General Information Converter/Collector Name HelWin1 Converter correct
Status Operational correct
Latitude 54.452 ° correct
Longitude 7.739 ° correct
Comments The Helwin 1 project involves a 576 MW grid link for wind projects near Helgoland. The connection meets shore at Büsum, where it continues 45 km to a new substation at Büttel. During spring and summer of 2001 horizontal channels were drilled below the North-Baltic Sea canal. At the same time, overland cable work started and cable laying work across tidal mud flats was completed.

Up to 100 employees will be active on the platform for the subsequent project phase in the North Sea. An on-site jack-up platform, which is a kind of mobile logistics and accommodation platform, will be used to prepare the supplies and quarters for the crew. The team thus will save travel time of two hours each to and from the platform by helicopter, or of up to 16 hours each way by ship.
Foundation Foundation Type Grounded: Mobile Jack-Up correct
Foundation Weight correct
Foundation Comments WIPOS floating and self-lifting platform correct
Topside Topside Weight 11000 t correct
Topside Dimensions (LxWxH) 70x50x27 m correct
Helideck Yes correct
Electrical Specifications Power 576 MW correct
DC Voltage Level 250 kV correct
AC Voltage Level 155/250 kV correct
Number of Transformers 2 correct
Other Equipment GIS 24 People on Board 8 J Tubes 16 cabins for crewmembers with a total of 24 berths A galley sanitary facilities A multi-purpose room equipped with sports equipment and a day room with satellite TV correct
Transmission Cable Cable Name HelWin(1) Alpha to Büttel correct
Number of Transmission Cables 2 correct
Minimum Cable Length 90 km correct
Depth Buried correct
Nominal Voltage 250 kV correct
Conductor Type Cu correct
Section 875/1200 mm2 correct
Insulation XLPE correct
Cost of the Transmission Cable EUR(mill) 150 correct
Cost Description correct
Comments on the Transmission Cable 85km offshore connection goes ashore at Büsum then proceeds for a further 45km to grid connection at Büttel. The open-trench installation technique will be implemented for the major part of the land routes, apart from specific areas HorizontalDirectional Drilling will be necessary for crossings with roads, rivers, dikes, dunes and other obstacles. The HVDC power cables are installed in flat formation inside the trench. The route traverses from the EEZ to the Territorial Sea through Gate IV. correct

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