General Information Converter/Collector Name HelWin2 Converter correct
Status Operational correct
Latitude 54.454 ° correct
Longitude 7.739 ° correct
Comments The HelWin Beta project involves a 690MW grid link near Helgoland. This is the third connection in the eastern region of the North Sea. It will receive alternating current from wind farms, and convert it into direct current before transporting it onshore via subsea cable. The route will transport wind power 85km to a landing point in Büsum then another 45KM to a converter station in Büttel.

Another special feature of the HelWin beta offshore converter platform is that it will be connected via a bridge to its parent platform HelWin alpha to allow shared use of the helicopter deck and crew quarters.
Foundation Foundation Type Grounded: Jacket correct
Foundation Weight 4500 t correct
Foundation Comments The topside will be lifted on to the jacket with a crane correct
Topside Topside Weight 10000 t correct
Topside Dimensions (LxWxH) 99x42.5x26.5 m correct
Helideck No correct
Electrical Specifications Power 690 MW correct
DC Voltage Level 320 kV correct
AC Voltage Level 155/300/380 kV correct
Number of Transformers 2 correct
Other Equipment 4x AC cable compensation reactors. High-voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). Two 670MVA power transformers correct
Transmission Cable Cable Name Helwin (2) Beta to Büttel correct
Number of Transmission Cables 2 correct
Minimum Cable Length 85 km correct
Depth Buried correct
Nominal Voltage 320 kV correct
Conductor Type Cu correct
Section 800/1100 mm2 correct
Insulation XLPE correct
Cost of the Transmission Cable EUR(mill) 200 correct
Cost Description Prysmian, Contract to supplying, setting up and testing of an underwater and overland cable system. correct
Comments on the Transmission Cable 85km offshore connection goes ashore at Büsum then proceeds for a further 45km to grid connection at Büttel. The route traverses from the EEZ to the Territorial Sea through Gate IV. correct

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