Over 1.6GW of Taiwan wind power allocated.

IberdrolaTaiwan has announced the winners of the next bid for offshore wind farms, where over 1.6GW will be built by 2025

Two developers (for four offshore wind farms) were selected, with a total capacity of 1,664MW. The wind farms selected are:

1. Hailong 2 No. 1, assigned capacity 232MW.
2. Hailong No. 3, assigned capacity 512MW.
3. Taichung Southwest, allocated capacity 337.1MW.
4. The Changchun North West, with a capacity of 582.9MW.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs completed the bidding exercise for the offshore wind power planning site on the 22nd June.

There are seven developers applying for 1,664MW of capacity. The bidding is based on the developer's self-assessment of technical developments, hardware facilities, and cost trends, etc., completed in 2024-2025. It then proposes a bidding price bid, and the selected supplier must follow the bidding price and deadline, as scheduled. 

In addition to obtaining clean electricity, the ministry’s industrial bureau will steadily promote transformation of both domestic manufacturing and service industries, and the development of local energy supply chains, create greater output value and more job opportunities, and drive the overall economy.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the government has planned to allocate 5.5GW of installed capacity to wind power by the end of 2025. The development companies and wind farms have been established in each year.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will work with developers to accelerate related administrative operations and completion.

In the future, a total of 5.5GW of offshore wind farms is planned to be installed. Accumulated investments will total NT$962.5 billion, creating a total of approximately 20,000 jobs, and bringing about an annual carbon reduction of 10.47 million tons.

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