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Swedish Offshore Wind - National Strategy Update
With no sector specific support, offshore wind projects in Sweden have marginal economics at best and must compete with other renewables in a green certificate mechanism.
In August 2015 the Energy Agency, on behalf of the government, investigated what options were available for subsidising offshore wind should they decide to do so. A tender process similar to other European countries was proposed as being the most cost effective whilst also complying with EU State aid rules. Furthermore they suggested that, because of planning lead times, large scale projects under any such tender system would not see commissioning before 2024. The report advised that under such a scheme an expansion of offshore wind power of between 2250MW to 4500MW was credible by 2030. It was proposed that an earlier 'pilot tender' of 120MW could be operational by 2018.
However, with ample sites onshore along the southern coast the justification for supporting offshore wind has been questioned by many industry participants. The TSO, Svenska Kraftnat, in its 2016-2025 network development plan envisages no growth in offshore wind over the period, citing the economic challenges, and choosing not to investigate the implications of offshore wind grid penetration further.
There is some hope for advocates of offshore wind. In January 2016 the Energy Agency were once again charged with an investigative report, this time to analyse the potential for technology development and cost reduction of offshore wind over the next 15-25 years. The report, which will also address floating wind will consider the potential market size nationally and globally; an economic analysis ; energy and climate policy; innovation, business development, job creation, regional growth and export opportunities. The reported is to be delivered on 31 January 2017.
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Latest Update: 31 January 2017

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Project Details for Stenkalles grund
General Information Name Stenkalles grund correct
Other names Stenkalle correct
Country name Sweden correct
Region Karlstad Kommun correct
Comments correct
Round (or category) correct
Development status Consent Authorised correct
Power & Turbines Project capacity 100 MW correct
Turbine model Not Decided correct
Turbine capacity 5 MW correct
Number of turbines 20 correct
Total turbine height correct
Hub height 120.00 m correct
Rotor diameter correct
Foundation Grounded: Rock-Anchored Concrete Rings (Foundation consists of a stack of precast concrete rings placed on a level rock seafloor. These are then tied together by16 rods that go through all the rings and into rock.) correct
Windspeed 10 year mean wind speed (2000-2009) Available online now
Costs Stated project cost correct
Location & Environment Sea name Vanern Lake correct
Centre latitude 59.223° correct
Centre longitude 13.314° correct
Area 11 km2 correct
Depth range (Chart Datum) 2 m - 18 m correct
Depth range stated by developer 5 m - 20 m correct
Distance from shore (reported) 4.5 km correct
Distance from shore (computed from centre) 11 km correct
Ports Installation base correct
Ops and maintenance correct
Grid Converter/Collector platforms correct
Offshore transformers None correct
Grid connection point correct
Cable landing point correct
Export Cables
Please note that export cables connect the offshore transformer (substation) to either; shore or an offshore HVAC-HVDC converter station for onward transmission via HVDC cabling. Please see the converters page for planned converter stations and transmission cables.

The export cable length does not generally include the onshore component. The exception is when the onshore substation is close to shore.
Number of export cables 1 correct
Average length per cable 12.69 km correct
Transmission type (e.g. HVAC) correct
Nominal voltage correct
Maximum voltage correct
Power rating correct
Number of cores correct
Conductor type correct
Section area correct
Insulation correct
Number fibre optics correct
Export minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Burial depth correct
Comments Cable length and number of cables has been estimated where it is not yet decided by the developer. correct
Onshore Cables Number of onshore cables correct
Average length per cable correct
Comments correct
Array Cables Array cable length correct
Estimated cable length LogIn
Transmission type (e.g. MVAC) correct
Nominal voltage correct
Maximum voltage correct
Burial depth correct
Number of cores correct
Conductor type correct
Section correct
Insulation correct
Power rating correct
Number of fibre optics correct
Minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Comments correct
Benefits Homes powered annually 70826 correct
CO2 reduced per year 143138 tonnes correct
SO2 reduced per year 3329 tonnes correct
Expected life correct
Other Website Visit correct

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