17 Feb 2022: E.ON and RWE plan to refurbish and extend the existing pontoon at the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) base is located within the Port of Great Yarmouth. The existing pontoon has deteriorated, due to corrosion and it is anticipated that this will eventually become unserviceable. The existing pontoon is only large enough for one CTV, resulting in a second vessel being moored against the harbour wall, requiring crew to use a ladder for access and egress to the quay side and for the loading / unloading of tools and other equipment. This introduces an inherent safety risk which RWE wishes to eliminate for its staff. Refurbishment and extension of the pontoon will ensure a continued safe berthing arrangement for the CTVs for the operational life of the wind farm The O&M pontoon is a very small-scale private development within a harbour. The O&M pontoon is not part of the offshore wind farm installation and is a stand-alone development, consented separately as part of the O&M base. An application was submitted to the MMO in February 2022. Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm would like to undertake the works in 2022, as soon as possible after the marine licence determination. The campaign is expected to take a total of 2 weeks. This timescale considers the removal of the existing pontoon, replacing with the extended pontoon and weather down-time, suitable on-site currents and tidal states.
United Kingdom
Fully Commissioned
60 MW
4C Offshore | Location Map: Lat(52.646) Lon(1.788)

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Power & Turbines
Windfarm Capacity
60 MW
Turbine Model
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Other Turbine(s) Used
Min. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Max. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Min. Number of Turbines
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Max. Number of Turbines
Total Turbine Height
Hub Height
Rotor Diameter
Foundation Type
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Foundations on Wind Farm
Foundation Comments

Location & Environment
Sea Name
North Sea, Southern North Sea (Thames)
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Depth Range (Chart Datum)
Depth Range (Stated by Developer)
Distance from Shore (Developer)
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Distance from Shore (Computed)

Installation Base
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Ops and Maintenance
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Number of Offshore Platform(s)
Shared Platform Type
Grid Connection Point
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Cable Landing Point

Export Cables (AC & DC)
Number of Export Cables (AC)
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Average Length per Cable (AC)
Additional Requirements (AC)
Nominal Voltage (AC)
Number of Export Cables (DC)
Average Length per Cable (DC)
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Additional Requirements (DC)
Nominal Voltage (DC)

Nominal Voltage

Onshore Cables
Number of Onshore Cables
Average Length per Cable
Expected Life