90 MW Fully Commissioned United Kingdom

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Latest Windfarm News
Major boost for Littleport firm as it wins off-shore wind farm contract
Ely Standard
Andrew Norman, JDR's chief executive said: “The UK has led the global market for offshore wind developments. JDR has been involved right from the start with our work on the London Array and Greater Gabbard projects. We are now delighted to have been ...
15/09/2014 07:26:45

$3 million DOE grant keeps VolturnUS afloat
The Maine Campus
ORONO, Maine — On Sept. 5, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the University of Maine signed an agreement to fund UMaine's VolturnUS 1:8 floating wind turbine, reaffirming the DOE's faith in UMaine's innovative offshore wind project, Aqua Ventus ...
15/09/2014 03:51:35

Bicker Fen site chosen for grid connection
Skegness Standard
A National Grid study backed the decision to choose Bicker Fen for a substation to connect an offshore wind farm. The report considered the merits of 17 different sites and highlights Bicker Fen as the best location. The village was chosen for the development ...
14/09/2014 11:04:08

Wind turbines take a turn for the uglier
Chris Heaton Harris, a Conservative MP who has led a backbench rebellion against the spread of wind turbines across the UK and has railed against the subsidies they receive, said: “It seems amazing that an industry, built on subsidy and high energy prices, ...
14/09/2014 08:54:53

Winds of change: Coal advocate Rep. Haddad now ally for offshore wind
The short message signaled the defeat of a renewable energy bill in the House of Representatives that had threatened to dash New Bedford's offshore wind hopes by giving utilities an incentive to sign 30-year long contracts with Canadian hydropower, ...
14/09/2014 05:05:58

Our View: A rose by any other name … What to call the New Bedford Marine ...
Cape Wind has agreed that New Bedford, not Quonset Point, Rhode Island, is the port that makes sense to deploy the first full-scale offshore wind farm in North America. The jobs will quickly follow, as Cape Wind is ready to start about as soon as the ribbon is ...
14/09/2014 05:05:58

Assessing environmental impacts of offshore wind farms: lessons learned and ...
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
Offshore wind power provides a valuable source of renewable energy that can help reduce carbon emissions. Technological advances are allowing higher capacity turbines to be installed and in deeper water, but there is still much that is unknown about the ...
14/09/2014 00:27:46

Wind Turbines but no Power
Canada Free Press
The first large scale wind-power installation, some 100 km (65 miles) offshore the northwest coast of Germany has finally been connected to the grid. The Offshore-Windpark Deutsche Bucht is a wind farm with a total of 80 wind turbine towers, each with a hub ...
13/09/2014 21:24:25

German Green Energy Policies Making Electricity a Luxury Good
American Thinker (blog)
Germany's flagship Bard 1 offshore wind farm has been described as “a faulty total system” as technical problems continue to plague the project, casting major doubts on the feasibility of large scale offshore projects. The wind farm was officially turned on in ...
13/09/2014 14:47:50

Merger in the works for St. John's-based energy companies
The Telegram
Beothuk's proposed 180 MW offshore wind farm will be located in an area of the Gulf of St. Lawrence that Mercer said has some of the best winds on the planet. The company estimates that the clean green energy produced will cost less than 10 cents per ...
13/09/2014 11:50:09

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Developer correct
Main Contractor-EPC
Vestas-KBR Joint Venture
Client: LogIn
Operator correct
Operator-Offshore Transmission correct
Owner correct
Owner correct
Owner-Offshore Transmission
TC Barrow OFTO Ltd (Transmission Capital Limited)
Project Details for Barrow
General Information Name Barrow correct
Other names correct
Country name United Kingdom correct
Region England, North West correct
Comments correct
Round (or category) Round 1 correct
Development status Fully Commissioned correct
Comments on the status Generating since March 2006.

Capex cost excludes OFTO Cost, please see the stakeholder entry for OFTO cost.
Power & Turbines Notice any Errors? You can keep this an open resource by submitting corrections!
Project Capacity 90 MW correct
Turbine Model V90-3.0 MW Offshore (Vestas) correct
Turbine Capacity 3 MW correct
Number of Turbines 30 correct
Total Turbine Height 120 m correct
Hub Height 75.00 m correct
Rotor Diameter 90 m correct
Foundation Grounded: Monopile correct
Windspeed 10 Year Mean Wind Speed (2000-2009) Available online now
Detailed wind speed data 6 hr/day/month historic data
Costs Stated Project Cost GBP(mill) 123.00 correct
Location & Environment Sea name Irish Sea (Irish Sea) correct
Centre latitude 53.991° correct
Centre longitude -3.295° correct
Area 10 km2 correct
Depth range (Chart Datum) 12 m - 16 m correct
Depth range stated by developer 15 m - 20 m correct
Distance From Shore (reported) 7.5 km correct
Distance From Shore (computed from centre) 12.7 km correct
Ports Installation base Belfast correct
Ops and maintenance Barrow correct
Grid Converter platforms None correct
Offshore transformers Barrow Substation correct
Grid connection point Heysham correct
Cable landing point Heysham correct
Export Cables
Please note that export cables connect the offshore transformer (substation) to either; shore or an offshore HVAC-HVDC converter station for onward transmission via HVDC cabling. Please see the converters page for planned converter stations and transmission cables.

The export cable length does not generally include the onshore component. The exception is when the onshore substation is close to shore.
Number of Export Cables 1 correct
Average length per cable 27 km correct
Transmission type (e.g. HVAC) HVAC correct
Nominal voltage 132 kV correct
Maximum voltage 145 kV correct
Power rating 100 MVA correct
Number of cores 3 correct
Conductor type Cu correct
Section Area 300 mm2 correct
Insulation XLPE correct
Number fibre optics 24 correct
Export minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Burial depth 3 m correct
Comments 132kV cross-linked 3 core polyethylene (XLPE) correct
Onshore Cables Number of onshore cables 3 correct
Average length per cable 3 km correct
Comments correct
Array Cables Array cable length 25 km correct
Estimated cable length LogIn
Transmission type (e.g. MVAC) MVAC correct
Nominal voltage 33 kV correct
Maximum voltage 36 kV correct
Burial depth 1.5 to 2 m correct
Number of cores 3 correct
Conductor type Cu correct
Section 120/300 mm2 correct
Insulation XLPE correct
Power rating correct
Number of fibre optics 24 correct
Minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Comments correct
Benefits Homes powered annually 58711 correct
CO2 reduced per year 118654 tonnes correct
SO2 reduced per year 2759 tonnes correct
Expected life 20.0 years correct
Other Website Visit correct