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Do you have a large dedicated team of specialists researching all aspects of the offshore global wind market?

Imagine what you can do for your organisation with access to such a team, complete with up-to-date intelligence, featuring all the Offshore wind farms project across the planet, brimming with detailed information about the different turbines, foundations, project milestones and contracts awarded?

Imagine access to a team of dedicated offshore wind market and supply chain analysts, forecasting the opportunities as well as the challenges on your behalf?

Imagine you choosing what you want to know through a suite of online tools providing you detailed insight into contracts, project events, project timelines, competitor analysis, costs, status, vessels, turbines as well as a wealth of project specific technical information, by simply clicking a mouse and making simple selections.

Would you walk away from having such a resource at your fingertips?

4C Offshore has now launched ForeSEE, a system providing you exclusive access to a range of specialised service including the Global Offshore Wind Farm intelligence service. For over ten years 4C Offshore has led the way to provide organisations like yours a competitive edge, identified opportunities and forecasted supply capacity as well as project demand enabling you to invest wisely today in tomorrow’s revenue streams.

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Using the ForeSEE dashboard

An easy to use system that lets you select, filter and visualise the information and analysis important to you in a few of clicks or taps. You’ll access analytical tools, analysts’ reports, simple charts and tools mapping complex information as well as access to the industry’s largest filterable databases.

As we add information into our system, your dashboard is updated, daily!

What do you get?

Global Offshore Wind Farm Intelligence service – through the ForeSEE dashboard, you get exclusive access the latest 4C reports, online analytical tools, online charts, downloadable and online spreadsheets, exclusive news, and events.

Understand global markets with our Market Reports

Reports – you’ll receive frequent Market Reports throughout the year, giving you access to our experts insights and their analysis on the dynamics affecting market forces. Understand complex issues in simple to read language, such as legislative change, supply chain constraints, environmental factors and geopolitical changes for every major global offshore wind region.

Detailed and thorough, using concise text and straightforward charts, you can access the most important information at a glance. Each territory includes a project pipeline to help you target upcoming global opportunities balanced with risks to those markets. Understand how global offshore wind markets are developing so you can tailor your offering to capture new market share.

Pick the right projects to pursue and avoid the non-starters.

Spreadsheets - Using a spreadsheet you see a comprehensive breakdown of all the individual elements. Each offshore wind farm project provides you with wealth of technical information, from turbines to foundation types. For example, if you manufacture foundations and seeking new opportunities, you can identify which wind farms are coming onstream. Using 4C Offshore proprietary models, we can determine the likelihood of a project proceeding, assigning it a likelihood metric, helping you decide where to invest your resources.

Map - With access to the online map you can even find the distance to shore and nearest port of operation. Each known location for a turbine is mapped, the cables, cable corridors, substations, converter stations and metmasts are all visible. Just zoom in to see the detail.

Timeline tool - See events that occur on each project enabling you to spot contracts award, and crucially when they’re up for renewal.

Charts – Clear, interactive charts don’t just give you data, they give you knowledge. Quickly filter the charts to get the views you need and spot future trends, no crystal ball required.

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