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4C is now TGS

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in 4C Offshore's journey. Our integration into the TGS family marks the beginning of a new era in offshore wind market intelligence.

Learn what this means for you!

Subsea Cable & Pipeline

We provide our independent experts to advise and support you with your planning, technical, legal, commercial and insurance issues necessary for the assurance of high quality project delivery and reliable system operations in the marine environment.

We specialise in submarine cables and subsea pipeline projects for power transmission, renewable energy, oil, gas, telecommunications and data acquisition sectors.

Risk Management

We analyse seabed soils, geology, water column and key commercial risks on your behalf looking at engineering, finance, insurance, engineering and supply chain, all supported by 4C technology to obtain and manage information. We have proprietary information, in house vessel tracking, company data, c/w foundation and cable risk assessment models to quickly determine risk exposure.

For those of you who are system owners we offer you a reassuring level of support based on ongoing experience in the installation of international HVDC interconnectors.

You will receive in-depth information from a broad range of offshore projects including safety, financial, contractual, technical and planning matters, assisting you in the management of quality and risk.

We provide clear effective support to resolving operational and commercial challenges.

Our principal services are:

Submarine cable engineering
Route engineering
Project assurance
Project management
Risk evaluation and management.
Marine operations and planning
Insurance, warranty and claims support
Expert and technical support to commercial and legal teams

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4C Offshore | Offshore Wind Farm

Global Offshore Wind Projects

We offer you Consultants with extensive experience in offshore renewable energy projects incl. project management, route engineering, Burial Protection Index reports, client representation, owner engineers for feasibility, site and route planning.

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4C Offshore | Submarine Power Cables in Port

Submarine Power Cables

Supplement your in-house teams throughout the whole project life cycle with experienced, qualified project managers, geologists, hydrographers, offshore client reps, and other highly skilled personnel.

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4C Offshore | Geographic Information System


When you need client representation or specialists to assist with the laying, installation and permitting, or need vessel & burial assessments ensure you have picked the best.

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4C Offshore | Offshore Pipeline Platform


We support your route engineering, route planning, crossing analysis, burial assessment and asset data management services for your gas, oil and CCS pipeline project.

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4C Offshore has been privileged to lead many recent successful Power Interconnector and other power cable projects.

Partnering with Red Penguin, 4C advise on all Geophysical and Geotechnical matters, project management, route engineering, scour, cable burial/protection, installation methodology, offshore and fishery liaison, consents, permits and crossing agreements etc.

4C Offshore | RSK Logo

Partnering with RSK in several project management roles Including :- survey data analysis establishing areas of mobile sediment, engineering difficulty, seabed use; developing routine maintenance inspection programme; Survey Project Manager for all geophysical, geotechnical, thermal conductivity investigations etc.; laboratory tests.

Partnering with Aecom as owner engineers advising on all submarine route engineering including PM General Support; Route development works and preparations for further survey works; Isle of Man crossing feasibility; Cable temp. considerations; Crossing agreements; HAZID; Identification and analysis of fisheries issues; Stakeholder negotiations & tender preparation.

4C Offshore | HVDC Interconnector Phase 1 Scotland - England/Wales
4C Offshore | BritNed England-Netherlands Vessel

Provided various levels of support including burial/installation planning using in-house systems, Hydrographic data analysis, reporting, CPT, HSEQ Management, Client Reps; Survey supplier evaluation and tender preparation. 4C provided geotechnical expertise, route modelling and reviewed trenching performance.

4C conducted a Burial Protection Index and report; provided Data processing services and GIS/CAD support to the Cable installation team working for ABB.

4C Offshore | East West Interconnector Between Ireland and Wales Diagram

Provide Hydrodynamic Regime and Physical Environment for EIA Project

Working with RSK 4C Offshore provided the Information on the physical setting of the pipeline route, both collated and synthesized in order to both describe its environmental setting, and consider potential impacts; incl. Baseline data gathering, assess sensitivities, Geophysical Report review, Review of Geotechnical Report, Review project description; Review with EON and finalise.