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Offshore Cable Installation Vessel Database

Submarine cables are installed on the seabed using cable lay vessels or barges. These vessels/barges feature cable carousals, ranging in capacity from 250 tons to 12,500 tons. 4C offshore database contains details of 146 cable lay vessels/barges, of which 87 are currently active in sector.

The ForeSEE software is a comprehensive suite of reports, databases and online tools for the offshore wind sector and adjacent industries. ForeSEE allows us to create our sector-specific subscriptions to help people gather intelligence to inform decisions, for example, our offshore wind farm database subscription. Sector subscriptions are fuelled by wide-reaching data and insights to help organisations make informed decisions.

Subscriptions include:

  • Sector-specific on- and offline databases
  • Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Online Tools

This enables:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Offshore wind project pipeline opportunity discovery
  • Resource assessment

  • Contains all offshore wind turbine models
  • Detailing technology data, in-depth specification
  • Planning and installation timelines
  • Information on where different models are/will be used, including the manufacturer.

ForeSEE marine intelligence software provides you with exclusive access to a range of specialised services, including the Global Offshore Wind Turbines Database.

Offshore Cable Installation Vessel Database Overview

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