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Offshore Substation Database

Offshore substations are dedicated platforms that collect energy generated from offshore wind farms and transfer it to shore through an AC or DC export cable. Discover information and insights about offshore wind farm substations in 4C Offshore’s Substation Database. You can access the database with ForeSEE, our marine intelligence software, designed for the global offshore renewable energy market.

About ForeSEE’s Offshore Substation Database

ForeSEE’s Offshore Substation Database includes information and data about 374 offshore substations for wind farms, including 308 HVAC collectors, 47 HVDC converters, and more. Gain access to graphs, charts, and reports which offer insights and information about offshore substation platforms including, the type of foundations, dimensions, power capacity, and more.

How does the database work?

ForeSEE marine intelligence software provides you with exclusive access to a range of specialised services including the Offshore Substation Database. ForeSEE grants you exclusive access to online and offline databases, reports, newsletters, online tools and more.

There are three levels of access: Free, Freemium and Full. Freemium allows you to personalise notifications, use the search function and access more data.

You will need Full access to use the ForeSEE interactive system, access reports, updates, news, downloads and more. To find out more about how ForeSEE software works and the benefits of Full access, enquire below.

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Substation Overview

Substation Quick Specs Wind Farm(s)

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