Horns Rev 1
160 MW Fully Commissioned Denmark

"The database has become an invaluable tool with regard to business planning and the regular updates from the 4C Offshore team on the project specifics ensure that, as a tier 1 supplier, we remain well informed and able to react to market developments."

Darren Taylor, NKT Cables

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Latest Windfarm News
Government's £95m subsidy increase leaves renewables industry 'underwhelmed'
Business Green
Meanwhile, it said less deployed technologies, such as offshore wind and wave and tidal power, would be given an extra £80m taking the total budget for the first wave of CfD supported projects to £235m. The additional funds were allocated in response to ...
Source: news.google.com
02/10/2014 11:48:01

UK renewable energy subsidy changes anger solar industry
The Guardian
But the CfD auction system has been purposefully skewed towards the less established - and more expensive - sectors such as offshore wind and tidal and away from the cheaper and more mature technologies such as onshore wind and solar. A previous ...
Source: news.google.com
02/10/2014 11:44:37

India signs MOU for first ever offshore wind power project
Renewable Energy Magazine (press release)
It is expected that this first demonstration project would enable India to maintain a continued presence within the global offshore wind sector. Shri Piyush Goyal described the signing of the MOU as a great opportunity in the development of renewable energy ...
Source: news.google.com
02/10/2014 11:07:32

Green light for Burbo Bank offshore wind extension
Practical Boat Owner Magazine
The Secretary of State for the Department of Energy & Climate Change has given consent to DONG Energy Burbo Extension Limited for an extension to the existing Burbo Bank offshore wind farm. The development consent order will allow for the provision of ...
Source: news.google.com
02/10/2014 09:37:19

UK windfarm developer deploys lidar system
Inch Cape Offshore is proposing to develop a wind farm on a site in the North Sea around 15 km off the Angus coastline which will cover an area of approximately 150 km2 and will consist of up to 213 turbines. The optical wind monitoring system is designed ...
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02/10/2014 09:31:01

Sumitomo buys Belgian wind power stakes
Argus Media
Tokyo, 2 October (Argus) — Japanese trading house Sumitomo has bought stakes in two offshore wind power projects operated by Belgium firm Parkwind, part of its strategy to expand into overseas power assets. Sumitomo bought a 39pc share of the 165MW ...
Source: news.google.com
02/10/2014 08:36:32

Green Light for 250-MW Burbo Bank Windfarm
Industrialinfo.com (subscription)
GALWAY, IRELAND--October 2, 2014 --Written by Martin Lynch, European News Editor for Industrial Info (Galway, Ireland) A 250-megawatt (MW) extension to the Burbo Bank offshore windfarm in the U.K. has received the green light from the Department for ...
Source: news.google.com
02/10/2014 08:24:22

India plans first offshore wind power project
Energy Live News - Energy Made Easy
The Indian Government has signed an agreement with a group of companies to build the nation's first ever offshore wind power project. The 100MW wind farm will be located off the coast of Gujarat and be partly-financed by state subsidies, the Ministry of New ...
Source: news.google.com
01/10/2014 23:33:07

India eyes first offshore wind farm
Business Green
India currently has 22GW of onshore wind power but so far no offshore wind farms. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he wants to boost the use of renewable energy to help improve energy security and has already announced major plans for a ...
Source: news.google.com
01/10/2014 23:16:35

India To Build Its First Offshore Wind Farm
Law360 (subscription)
Law360, New York (October 01, 2014, 6:56 PM ET) -- India signed a memorandum of understanding with a consortium of developers that will build the country's first ever offshore wind power plant within the prime minister's home state of Gujarat, India's press ...
Source: news.google.com
01/10/2014 23:01:07

4C Offshore Ltd. has achieved certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for quality, environmental, and health & safety management.
map not available
Project Details for Horns Rev 1
General Information Name Horns Rev 1 correct
Other names correct
Country name Denmark correct
Region Blåvandshuk correct
Comments correct
Round (or category) correct
Development status Fully Commissioned correct
Comments on the status correct
Power & Turbines Notice any Errors? You can keep this an open resource by submitting corrections!
Project Capacity 160 MW correct
Turbine Model V80-2.0 MW (Vestas) correct
Turbine Capacity 2 MW correct
Number of Turbines 80 correct
Total Turbine Height 110 m correct
Hub Height 70.00 m correct
Rotor Diameter 80 m correct
Foundation Grounded: Monopile correct
Windspeed 10 Year Mean Wind Speed (2000-2009) Available online now
Detailed wind speed data 6 hr/day/month historic data
Costs Stated Project Cost EUR(mill) 278.00 correct
Location & Environment Sea name North Sea correct
Centre latitude 55.486° correct
Centre longitude 7.840° correct
Area 21 km2 correct
Depth range (Chart Datum) 6 m - 11 m correct
Depth range stated by developer 6 m - 14 m correct
Distance From Shore (reported) 17.9 km correct
Distance From Shore (computed from centre) 17.8 km correct
Ports Installation base Esbjerg correct
Ops and maintenance Esbjerg correct
Grid Converter platforms None correct
Offshore transformers Horns Rev 1 Substation correct
Grid connection point Karlsgårde correct
Cable landing point Oksby, Esbjerg correct
Export Cables
Please note that export cables connect the offshore transformer (substation) to either; shore or an offshore HVAC-HVDC converter station for onward transmission via HVDC cabling. Please see the converters page for planned converter stations and transmission cables.

The export cable length does not generally include the onshore component. The exception is when the onshore substation is close to shore.
Number of Export Cables 1 correct
Average length per cable 34 km correct
Transmission type (e.g. HVAC) HVAC correct
Nominal voltage 220 kV correct
Maximum voltage correct
Power rating correct
Number of cores correct
Conductor type Cu or Al correct
Section Area correct
Insulation correct
Number fibre optics 24 correct
Export minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Burial depth 2 m correct
Comments correct
Onshore Cables Number of onshore cables correct
Average length per cable correct
Comments correct
Array Cables Array cable length 63 km correct
Estimated cable length LogIn
Transmission type (e.g. MVAC) MVAC correct
Nominal voltage 33 kV correct
Maximum voltage 36 kV correct
Burial depth 1.5 m correct
Number of cores 3 correct
Conductor type Cu or Al correct
Section correct
Insulation XLPE correct
Power rating correct
Number of fibre optics 12 correct
Minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Comments correct
Benefits Homes powered annually 104374 correct
CO2 reduced per year 210941 tonnes correct
SO2 reduced per year 4906 tonnes correct
Expected life 25.0 years correct
Other Website Visit correct