OGA launched electrification projects in UKCS energy integration report

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The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has announced major electrification projects in its final energy integration report, launched in August 2020. Electrification has been pronounced essential to achieve zero emissions target.

It has been calculated that electrification could reduce UKCS oil and gas operational emissions by 2-3MtCO2 p.a. by 2030, equals to reducing 20% of today’s production emissions, rising to 40% by 2030.

The notional Energy Integration Projects (EIP) include:
Greenfield electrification: Four newbuild platforms will source power from either wind farm or transmission link with the mainland and reduce 0.7MtCO2 e emissions. Brownfield electrification: Seven already existing platforms with longer life span left will be converted to external power supply, and get electricity either from UK shore, cross-border from Norway, or directly from an offshore windfarm. It will abate abatement 1.7MtCO2 pa of  emissions.

Other opportunity examples include: Central North Sea platforms, which are located at a greater distance from the UK shore, could be electrified from cross-border power supply and floating wind. Furthermore, there are several cross-border opportunities in the Southern North Sea due to closer proximity from windfarms and future expansions.

Round 4 offshore wind projects in Southern North Sea and Irish Sea, and ScotWind Leasing round targets areas are closer to O&G platforms. However, more transmission infrastructure may be required in the future.

The regulatory framework for electrification of platforms would be same as UKCS O&G field development. The OGA will review and give consent to the proposed Field Development Plan (FDP), including the platform power supply option selected; whereas, an existing platform would require the submission of an FDP Addendum (FDPA).

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