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4C is now TGS

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in 4C Offshore's journey. Our integration into the TGS family marks the beginning of a new era in offshore wind market intelligence.

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Our Vision

4C Offshore is the leading market intelligence organisation targeting global offshore renewable energy markets. We are a marine consultancy with a specialist focus on submarine electricity cable providing advisory, management and owner engineering to the marine, energy and subsea sectors.

With a combination of in-house developed tools and systems, a dedicated team of analysts, researchers and sector experts, we shall provide you with comprehensive understanding and insights of the market and its dynamics.

4C Offshore is now TGS

4C Offshore was the first acquisition following the launch of the TGS New Energy Solutions business in 2021. 4C Offshore carries a strong reputation in the industry for its quality data thats highly trusted for asset-level decisions.

"The strengths of 4C Offshore fit perfectly with TGS's ambition to become the leading global provider of energy data and insights to support decision-making processes across the energy value chain."

Our Approach

To provide offshore energy market information and advisory services to global clients operating in and around the offshore wind, subsea power cable and related support industries.

To remain the authoritative source of information, advice and expertise within its disciplinary areas to the offshore energy sector.

Provide best of class engineering consulting services to the subsea power cable investors, developers and leading actors.

Underlying these services is a core competence in subsea engineering, seabed, water column, environment, managing, researching, analysing, advising and presenting information to achieve the best of outcomes for customers.

4C Offshore Subsea Engineering has had engaged and managed some of the worlds largest and most challenging submarine cable and offshore pipeline projects. We have an intimate understanding of the seabed and the requirements needed for transmission assets.

4C Offshore research has undertaken many challenging market and supply chain research projects to provide strategically important intelligence to our clients in order for them to advance their business in a complex, dynamic, context sensitive market place.


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