About 4C Offshore Ltd

4C Offshore is a leading consultancy and market research organisation targeting the offshore energy markets. We are an independent marine consultancy providing risk analysis to the marine, energy and subsea sectors. We combine the commercial knowledge needed for market and supply chain understanding with real world highly qualified offshore technical expertise.

With a full-time dedicated team of supply chain analysts, mathematicians, forensic researchers, vessel experts and programmers, we understand the market and its dynamics.

Our Mission

we always complete our missions

Provision of energy market information and advisory services to global clients in the offshore wind and subsea power cable industries. Provision of engineering consulting services to the offshore power cable installation market.

Underlying these services is a core competence in managing, analysing and presenting information enabling our clients to understand the key drivers influencing the development of the offshore energy sector.

Our Experience

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4C Offshore has in-house expertise in submarine cable and offshore pipeline route engineering, geophysical and hydrographical skills. We understand the seabed and transmission assets.

Our forensic researchers gather information from stakeholders, developers, private and public sources into our knowledge base.

Why choose for 4C Offshore?

why 4c is different than any other consultancies

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are successful in their offshore power and renewables developments, achieving projects that are delivered on time and within budget. 4C Offshore has a proven track record of working with some of the key players within the renewable energy sector.

  • Business and market intelligence for the Marine Offshore Sector
  • Provision of advice and consultancy in aspects of offshore infrastructure development, specialising in renewables and offshore grid projects
  • Risk assessment and mitigation services for offshore marine projects
  • Offshore marine project management (survey, installation and construction activities)
  • Data analysis, quality control and reporting for offshore marine projects
  • Map-based information system development in connection with the above named activities and service lines
  • Government policy & legislation
  • 1390+ Global database of offshore wind projects, with up to 100+ detailed specifications
  • Over 10,000+ contracts with developers, manufacturers, installers etc.
  • Database of offshore wind turbines
  • Over 400+ Construction vessels
  • Over 400+ Crew transfer vessels
  • Key installation equipment
  • Power cable routes & landings
  • Converter and substation platforms
  • Seabed sediments
  • News and events
Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

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